Right now I have several new films in the works. (And by in the works, I mean on paper.) Here's some inside information on two of them.

Short film: The one that will hopefully be released soon (so far it's just a basic script) is about a guy who is afraid of heights, and has to climb a rockwall to prove that he's a man. (Or at least, that's what his friends are saying.)

Less-short film: (20-30 minutes?) The longer film that I'm working on is also still in script form, but is being more and more developed everyday. (Or at least on the days that I have time to think about it. :P) I still haven't decided what I'm going to call it, but I'm leaning towards, "I think, therefore, I am." It works off the premise of Descartes' argument that asks how we, as ourselves, know that we exist. Descarte comes up with a pretty solid proof, however, he does not address how we know that others around us exist. This film will deal with just that. It will be about an ordinary man whose life will be turned upside down in an instant, causing him to doubt everything that he believed in.

So there are some previews. :) ~John Paul

News 01/27/2009

Well, I'm working on making this website for my movies, though it's turning out to be a little harder than I would have liked.  (The website for making the website has been messing up.)  Oh well though.  

That's the latest news right now.

~John Paul