There are many philosophical implications to an art film. "The Bus" A Film Made in Greece, is no exception. Here are some common questions and answers that may be helpful to think over when analyzing this short film.  

Q. Why is Daniel included in the cast when he does not appear to appear in the film?  
A. Very good question, but things are not always as they seem. Daniel actually does appear in the film. You can just barely glimpse him ducking in the bottom left corner as I swept from right to left in shooting the passing bus. Ask yourself what it means in terms of reality if a person is sitting beneath a camera, but not included in the shot. Does this have implications for appearances of things as they are made to look or actually are? Does this make Daniel unimportant in the film and therefore, should he not be listed in the credits?

Q. What does the Greek Bus symbolize?  
A. Some speculate that it symbolizes the technological man-enforced business of life corrupting nature and moving swiftly. It imposes itself upon beauty and significance. It interrupts the short beauty of life causing everything to end in blackness with dark serious and dramatic music. Other great intellectuals propose that it may symbolize a bus.

Q. Why does Clarke disappear in the second shot of the film?  
A. This is a very good question. I would encourage you to answer this question for yourself, as the actual answer of Clarke leaving to eat some apple pie instead of waiting for a bus to pass by, is somewhat lame.  

Q. What is art?  
A. Whatever I say it is, Gosh! Were you even watching?  

Q. Why is that the definition of Art that I uphold?  
A. Because it would take more work to actually examine the philosophical question. Move on, or read Aristotle people.

Thank you and I hope this cleared up any questions you might have had. (Feel free to ask more if the urge takes you.) Please comment, as it would make me happy. :)  

~John Paul

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I edited and filmed a video for Kayleen, which can be found here:

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