YAY! 03/02/2009

The Computer is back up and running! YAY!  So that's good.

I edited and filmed a video for Kayleen, which can be found here: 

Also I'm considering trying to work up a short film (or several) for this film festival.  XD  


That's all for now.

~John Paul


The Mac crashed... so video editing is at a standstill right now.  The rockwall climbing video will hopefully be made and entered into the Academy Awards contest at wayland if I can get it shot and edited this week, (seems unlikely...) but if I can't hopefully I can still shoot it at some point.

~John Paul

Man Greeting 02/09/2009

There was a change in plan on which films to make next and I ended up getting everything together for a film entitled, "Man Greeting" this last Saturday.  So that will be coming out soon. :)

The previous blog still applies.

~John Paul

News 01/27/2009

Well, I'm working on making this website for my movies, though it's turning out to be a little harder than I would have liked.  (The website for making the website has been messing up.)  Oh well though.  

That's the latest news right now.

~John Paul