About Flamingo Productions

I suppose it really started back when I was 8. My parents let me goof around our huge analog 90's video camera to make some "movies." The movies I made when I was little usually involved Lego characters, (hey, it's an easier than building a set,) or various other toys we owned. I remember one particular pirate movie we made using a blanket for the ocean and a Fisher-Price pirate boat. But the real story of how Flamingo Productions came about is a little longer and somewhat disjointed, as it didn't all happen at once. First off, I enjoyed making movies and wanted to make more. I had only made about 3 when I first acquired Stan and Mikey, (the names of the our beloved Flamingos.) I was at our local Hastings one summer with some friends, browsing through the clearance isle as usual, when I saw them. Two, beautifully machine crafted, China made, radiantly shining pink plastic yard Flamingos. It was love at first sight. Another friend who worked at Hastings offered to give us (Lance, Lauren, Christian and myself) a discount on the flamingos when he learned of our interest in them and we heartily accepted. (Apparently people kept fighting with the flamingo leg poles, which got on his nerves...) After purchasing the pair we immediately proceeded to name them Stan and Mikey and pledged to do something amazing with them. Most immediately this included rolling down the windows of my car and screaming while holding the flamingos with their plastic heads blowing in the wind. (We also took them into a Starbucks.) After those thrills were over though we pledged to include them in our new movies,"The Duel," and "TV Rap." For awhile after these incidents I forgot about Stan and Mikey until one day it struck me that the perfect name for my video making group was Flamingo Productions FTW! From then on I decided to include, somewhere in all of my future films, these two beautifully strange and amazing flamingos. So be on the lookout for them. :) And that's pretty much how Flamingo Productions FTW was born. ~John Paul