*Music News:
The Decemeberists are coming out with a new cd called The Hazards of Love.  You can preorder now.  Which I did. :) 

I'm so excited! XD  The Rake's Song below is amazing.  (As is the other... but I really like The Rake's one right now.)

What I'm listening to right now:

I've been listening to the Shins a lot lately.  I recently bought another one of their albums, (I already had "Wincing the Night Away" and "Chutes Too Narrow") so this time I got "Oh, Inverted World!"   I've been enjoying it.  I'm also listening to The Decemberists quite a bit in preparation for their new Album "The Hazards of Love" which I mentioned above. :)

Flamingo Productions happens to make art through one medium, but also finds other art forms beautiful such as painting, photography, poetry, writing, and music.  Here are just some of the musical artists that Flamingo Productions likes and recommends in no particular order:  Death Cab for Cutie,  The Shins, Crosby, Stills & Nash (and young),   Cowboy Junkies,  The Decemberists,   Los Lonely Boys,  Steely Dan,  Warren Zevon,  Radiohead,   Frou Frou,  Joanna Newsom,  Tegan and Sara,  Natalie Merchant,  Sufjan Stevens,  Coldplay,  The Rolling Stones,  The Beatles,  Led Zeppelin,  Joni Mitchell,  Joan Osborne,  John Mayer,  Keane,  Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon.